End of the world

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Is the FINAL END of WORLD Really APPROACHING or it’s a HYPE?

Well this is the hottest topic of modern times. So many predictions from the courtyard of every culture have indeed kept this question alive. Which question?

Whether the world will end or not?

In fact there is a genuine basis to this question and we just cannot neglect or ignore this basis.

In the recent years there have been many such catastrophes, which are really giving

a very clear Warning sign of something BIG and worse in the future too.

We all have been a witness of the catastrophe which has taken place in Japan in March 2011 and understand how deadly it was; right from Tsunami to nuclear disaster all of them simultaneously just shattered one of the world’s most powerful economies and ripples of that are still being felt by the whole world.

On 25th may 2011, 122 people were killed in the tornado that battered Joplin, Missouri, making it the deadliest single U.S. tornado since the National Weather Service began modern record-keeping more than 60 years ago.

Some may argue that tornadoes and cyclones are a usual phenomenon in US but their intensities and frequencies are certainly not COMMON. There have been a cumulative rise in the strength of these monsters and there are enough statistics to prove this.

On 25th May 2011, itself a huge volcanic ash cloud that has hit the UK. All UK airports – including Gatwick and Heathrow – have been closed causing disruption for around 300,000 UK passengers.

The April 2011 eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano, in south-east Iceland, caused the worst disruption to international air travel since 9/11. Flights across Europe were cancelled for six-days stranding tens of thousands of people and was estimated to have cost airlines £130m a day.

We all are experiencing the extreme wrath of nature in recent times. Lets us take a quick review of the events to refresh our memories and to understand the intensions of the nature.

Starting from the, BHUJ earthquake on 26th January 2001 in India (this was special as earthquakes are quite rare in geographically well placed country like India),

Then came the big one:

WTC terrorist attack, 11th September 2001 which changed the face of terrorism in the world.

This eventually initiated the destruction in Afghanistan (WAR OF AFGANISTAN) on 7th October 2001(which is continuing till present).

All this and many other moderate events Marked the deadly year of 2001.

After witnessing a WILD face of terrorism, Afghanistan War and Bhuj quake,

world was not even ready and was just trying to stand up on its legs as then only, suddenly came a hard reality of destruction of Another nation called IRAQ in 2002(Till present)) in front of everyone.

Initial events started from 29th Jan 2002 and war of Iraq

started on 20th march 2003.

Have a look at this…


Although the destruction of the IRAQ and AFGANISTAN was quite visible in the year 2003-2004 but apart from that year 2004 was proving out to be a good year, but ……….nature was again thinking otherwise.

26th December 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami came with a HUGE bang.

The whole world was taken by the surprise by this POWER of the nature, Sea bed of more than 1600 kilometers was uplifted, revolution time of an earth was effected and sea coast of 7 countries faced the 10-50 meter walls of water.

This was a new thing for everyone out in the world; anyways humans have no other option but to adjust.

2005 began with a nightmare for Mumbai city. When on 26th July 2005 the day when the heaviest rainfall in 100 years was recorded in the city of Mumbai. It shook Mumbai city and whole of India (Mumbai being the financial city of India) from its roots and left it to face helplessness. People were simply amazed with the level of this event, it seemed like whole of an ocean was pouring on the city. This was simply new to India in the last 100 years.

And then how can we forget

The biggest earthquake in Kashmir

region since 1900

on 8th Oct 2005

Which again left thousands dead and millions homeless!

2006 was no less.

This year Russia registered the highest number of unfavorable and dangerous natural phenomena in the history of meteorological observation.

Roman Vilfand, director of Russia’s hydrometeorology centre, said between January and November of 2006, 371 dangerous natural phenomena – including extreme cold, heat waves, strong winds and driving rains – were registered throughout Russia.

Have a look at this.



Natural calamities caused 3,155 human deaths in China in 2006, the highest figure since 1998, according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Have a look at this.


2007 came with tons of worries for Greece as on June 28 – In the aftermath of Greece’s worst heat wave in a century, at least 11 people are reported dead from heatstroke, approximately 200 wildfires break out nationwide, and the country’s electricity grid nearly collapses due to record breaking demand.

The next turn was of Peru where an August 15, 2007 – An 8.0 earthquake rocked Peru, killing 512 people, injuring more than 1,500, and causing tsunami warnings in the Pacific Ocean.

And then in the last, the ball was in the Bangladesh’s court, November 16 – Approximately 10,000 people were believed to have died after Cyclone Sidr chose Bangladesh as its destination.

Still 2007 went a little smooth…

But this smoothness was neutralized by 2 major events which shook the world in the very beginning of 2008.

4th may 2008 – Nargis cyclone in Myanmar 12th may 2008- 7.9 M Quake in china

both of the above incidents again left lacs of people dead and homeless.

Apart from this, 2008 was named as the year of floods in India (there were never these kinds of large scale and intensity floods in India before). (Right from Maharashtra to Orissa and from Bihar to Tamil Nadu…there was no mercy shown by the nature)

Even England and China were also not spared by floods in 2008

Moving ahead in 2009

February 7, 2009 – The deadliest bushfires in Australian history begin; they kill 173, injure 500 more, and leave 7,500 homeless. The fires come after Melbourne records the highest-ever temperature (46.4°C, 115°F) of any capital city in Australia.

April 6, 2009 – A 6.3 magnitude earthquake strikes near L’Aquila, Italy, killing nearly 300 and injuring more than 1,500

August 7, 2009 – Typhoon Morakot hits Taiwan, killing 500 and stranding more than 1,000 via the worst flooding on the island in half a century.

September 26, 2009– Typhoon Ketsana begins to cause record amounts of rainfall in Manila, Philippines, leading to the declaration of a “state of calamity” in 25provinces

September 30, 2009– A 7.6-magnitude earthquake strikes just off the coast of Sumatra, killing around 1,000 in Indonesia.

2010 started with big quake which shook whole of china, January 12 – A 7.0-magnitude earthquake occurred in Haiti, devastating the nation’s capital, Port-au-Prince. With a confirmed death toll over 230,000 it is one of the deadliest on record.

Nature’s next target in this year was Chile (South America), February 27 – An 8.8-magnitude earthquake occurred, triggering a tsunami over the Pacific and killing 497. The earthquake was one of the largest in recorded history.

For china it was a nightmare year as on April 13 again a 6.9-magnitude earthquake occurred in Qinghai, China, killing at least 2,000 and injuring more than 10,000.

After earthquake it was the turn of VOLCANO as on April 14 – Volcanic ash from one of several eruptions beneath Eyjafjallajökull, an ice cap in Iceland, begins to disrupt air traffic across northern and western Europe.

Asian countries were also not forgiven as on July 29, 2010 – Heavy monsoon rains begin to cause widespread flooding (pictured) in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. Over 1,600 are killed, and more than one million are displaced by the floods.

This was not all as on October 25, 2010 – An earthquake and consequent tsunami off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia, killed over 400 people and left hundreds missing. October 26–ongoing – Repeated eruptions of Mount Merapi in Central Java, Indonesia, had killed at least 240 people and forced hundreds of thousands of residents to evacuate.

Above events are just the big ones but we all know that there are 1000’s of other events including terrorist activities, earthquakes, tornadoes, man made disaster etc.

As we can notice nature is really preparing and showing indications for other big and unimaginable events.

Indeed change is not only subjected to nature but to mankind too.

On 25 January 2011, widespread protests began against Mubarak’s regime. These took the form of an intensive campaign of civil resistance supported by a very large number of people and mainly consisting of continuous mass demonstrations. By 29 January it was becoming clear that Mubarak’s regime had lost control when a curfew order was ignored.

After this we all know that what happened in Egypt was just the beginning, protests spread like a wild fire in all the Arab nations like Libya, Yemen, Jordan, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia etc.

So it’s quite clear that things are not the same, they are actually changing and changing very fast, where are we all heading towards ?, we don’t know but one thing is for sure. The end is not appearing to be the happy one.

Let me also state a fact that Satyug is about to begin, I have said this long back on my orkut forum, 26th July 2014, when Sun, Moon and Jupiter will simultaneously enter pushya nakshatra and from the next day 27th July, new cycle of moon will start.

Just showing you the mirror and I know that somewhere, we all have this thing in our mind.

So in the end, I leave it to your judgment and wisdom that whether the end is approaching or the new beginning is there at the next corner.

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