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We all know that astrology is knowledge of Light and I have explained this concept in detail in my last article “Color science and Astrology”. this article is an extension of that very concept. In other words Gems like diamond, emerald, ruby etc are nothing but the tools which helps us to take a little more indirect benefit from light.

Here I must clarify that no gem can completely alter the effect of one’s destiny, as advocated by many commercial astrologers and jewelers. Had it been so then every rich man would have been famous and happy. I hope you will agree with me on this.

Still I have taken this topic as it really demands the necessary attention, reason being many of the astrologers without even understanding the concepts behind the gems and their relation with birth chart, just direct their clients to wear a costly gem.

I in a person never suggest a gem to wear unless the client himself is desperate to wear one or two; reason is simple:

1)      In modern world Jewelers hardly give a genuine gem to a common man who doesn’t know the intricacies of the stone, even after taking a hefty amount.

2)      Everybody cannot afford a gem.

3)      Even if a gem is genuine and is of proportionate carats, it would hardly make a 5%-10% alteration to the general destiny of the native and that too when “the native is wearing a genuine gem which is ideally suited to him as per the Birth chart”

Now for the sake of this 3rd point I am writing this article, i.e. HOW TO DERIVE THE MAXIMUM EFFECT OUT OF A GENUINE GEM, EVEN IF IT IS MAKING A DIFFERENCE OF 05%-10%.

In other words, HOW CHOOSE THE RIGHT GEM for you, which could give you that 05%-10% effect.

My objective is to make the process of understanding very simple for you all. So let’s begin:

Keep these rules in mind to know, gem of which planet is suitable for the native, i.e.  Which gem will only have a positive effect on the native.

1)      If a planet has the:

ü      CUSPAL lordship of Kendra (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th), trikonas (1st, 5th, 9th), 2nd and 11th houses.

ü      Have No malefic aspects on it. (Malefic here means lord of 3rd, 6th, 8th, 12th houses and naisargik enemies of this planet)

ü      Have No malefic conjunctions with it(Malefic here means lord of 3rd,6th,8th,12th houses and naisargik enemies of this planet)

But is WEAK in strength (from the angle of shadbala, shadvarga etc), here gem will give some little support to the planet by raising the intensity of the light governed by that gem corresponding to a particular planet. As a result some deficiency w.r.t that light can be countered. All the functioning governed by that light (green, yellow etc) on the physical, conscious, sub conscious and super conscious levels will get positively affected.

2)      If a planet has the:

ü      CUSPAL lordship of Kendra (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th), trikonas (1st, 5th, 9th), 2nd and 11th houses.

ü      Simultaneously involved in a planetary war with the lord of 3rd, 6th, 8th and 12th houses, remember this point should not be confused with the above one where in I have listed that there should be no malefic conjunction as here I am talking of a planetary war, therefore here a planet needs an extra strength to win over that war comfortably when it is already defeated. Here first let me tell you that what planetary war is:


Except Sun, if any planet is in very close association (within 1 degree) with MARS (KUJA) then that planet is said to be in planetary war.

Some astrologers including me extend this concept to all the planets beyond mars.


When a planet is in association (within 1 degree) with an enemy planet and its degrees are less than that of enemy planet then that planet is said to be a defeated planet.

So for this defeated planet which is in a planetary war with an enemy planet (Enemy here means lord of 3rd, 6th, 8th, 12th houses and naisargik enemies of this defeated planet and mars), a gem could be wore.

3)      Now read this point very carefully, first I will take an example and then I will mention the rule, assume Saturn is placed in Scorpio lagan and all the 3 Trikond lords Jupiter, Moon and mars are placed in 3rd house in Saturn’s sign i.e. Capricorn. Now here Saturn’s Mooltrikona sign is falling in Kendra hence will give dominant effect of Kendra, and now assume this Saturn goes weak from the angle of shadbala and shadvarga.

In the above case if this native wears a high carat Neelam especially with the start of Saturn’s dasha then the native could get even more than 20% positive effect on his destiny, reason is simple, Neelam is already the most powerful gem which if suits the native from the angle of birth chart then can give effect close to 10%(Maximum possible) effect but here the effect would be even more than 20% because all the 3 trine lord are placed in Saturn’s sign only and are aspecting the fortune house. Any rise in the strength of Saturn through gem will mean a cumulative rise in the strength of all the 3 trine lords.

So now let me list the rule:

“If there are 2 or more than 2 trine or Kendra lords joining in a sign, then one can gain huge benefits by wearing the gem of the depositor of that sign, even if that depositor is the lord of 3rd, 6th, 8th and 12th lord.”


4)      Extending this further, incase a chart is offering only partial neechbhang Raj yog for a debilitated planet who is the cuspal lord of Kendra or trikonas, Then if the native wears a high carat gem of the depositor of that debilitated planet (even if that depositor lords over 3rd, 6th, 8th and 12th houses), gem can push that NBRY towards its completion and therefore get the complete effect of that Raj yog.

Time is pulling my leg and asking me to limit myself here, will write another article in continuation of this ASAP as there are lot more rules which are left.

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