Dreams indicating Death

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As per our ancient texts(Jnana Pradeepika) the following dreams may indicate death:

1) A woman black in color.

2) Seeing a white colored tongue or very different colored tongue when compared to normal red colored tongue.

3) Having aptitude for sinful actions with long nails, hair and breasts.

4) Seeing yourself Wearing flowers in place of clothes .

5) The dream that one has dived deep in the waters while dancing with demons, would mean madness or death. If native dreams that he is carried away by ‘pretas'(a form of ghost), then he will die from apasmara(epilepsy)

6) If native dreams that he is riding on a camel(sowthwards), cat, ape, buffaloes, tiger,dog, pig, pretas or a jackal, then the native soon die in an accident. The reason of death could also be consumption

7) If one dreams that when he is drinking liquor along with Pretas(form of ghosts) and then he is dragged up and down by a dog, then the native would be attacked by a high fever which would finally result in his death.

8) If one dreams that while wearing red flowers and clothes and having one’s body dyed red and enjoying all sorts of pleasures, one is carried by a woman, then the native will be attcked by “Rakta Pitta” after which he will die.

9) Dreaming of thorns, creepers, bamboos and palm trees getting sprouted from One’s throat, denotes attack by Gulmaroga and thereafter death is indicated.

10) Dreaming that while anointed in ghee with no clothes on, performing homa, a lotus plant sprouted from one’s throat, it indicates attack by leprocy and death.

11) Seeing a dream that one with low class people(those who perform bad deeds,basically criminals) is indulged in driking ghee, butter and other oily liquids, signifies an attack of premagha and death from it.

12) Dreaming That sun or the moon is falling from the sky, signifies loss of eye sight. (dreaming of eclipse also signifies the same)

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