Few Raj Yogas cannot make you a KING

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If your friend Nikhil takes a glass of water and add 10 cubes of salt in it along with 10 cubes of sugar, 1 tea spoon lemon, 1 cube of black salt and 5 tea spoon soda. Then while drinking can your friend Nikhil tell, that how much sugar, salt, black salt, lemon and soda he is drinking in each sip and from which specific cube or tea spoon that salt or sugar or black salt or lemon or soda is coming in his mouth through that each sip ?. Answer is simply No

Now, Assume 10 cubes of sugar to be good Yogas or Raj Yogas in the chart.

Assume Lemon juice, salt, black salt and soda as types of negative Yogas in the chart.

If you are intelligent enough then you would have understood what your friend Nikhil is trying to say.

So 2 quick points:

  • Obviously the drink cannot taste sweet (Raj Yogas) if Lemon juice, salt, black salt and soda (Bad Yogas) are also present in the drink. So in spite of sugar content in the water the person would hardly be able to feel its presence. The same is applicable in the context of Raj Yogas, when present along with malefic Yogas, i.e. the person would not be able to experience those Raj Yogas.
  • Second point to note is that, you may know the result of any good or bad yoga by reading any astrological book but understanding the INTENSITY, behind each such good or bad yoga requires sheer experience.

Am I right my sweet friend’s! I really like when you people smile after learning something.

In other words holistic analysis is essential to interpret the result (along with intensity) of even one Raj Yoga, otherwise even in the charts of BEGGARS you will find RAJ YOGAS and then you may say that Astrology is misleading. Mark the words of your friend Nikhil, Astrology is never misleading, it’s your half knowledge which make things misleading.

Remember following words of your friend Nikhil

Power of any good yoga depends on the:

a) Auspiciousness of the planets involved in any Yoga (measured through all the 10’s of shad bal and non shad bal Factors listed at the end of this article).

b) How many benefic or Raj yoga’s are present in the chart

c) How many malefic of bad yoga’s are present in the chart

So the net result of the points a, b and c will only give you a holistic picture.

Similarly, when you are trying to interpret the result of any Maha Dasha then you all must remember the words of your friend Nikhil that Maha dasha of any planet have antar dashas of 9 planets [8 Different planets + 1 antar of same planet].

In other words, if you really want Mahadasha of any planet, to give you completely auspicious results, then you inevitably need the support of 8 other planets, since those 8 planets will also come in the antar dashas.

In other words, if out of 9 planets 8 or 7 planets are very weak in your birth chart, THEN EVEN 1 or 2 STRONG PLANET’s (In Isolation) cannot give you auspicious results in its Mahadasha.

Understanding of this rule requires nothing more than common sense.

Lastly the Strength and auspiciousness measuring of a planet is done with the help of all the shad bal and non shad bal factors, just a quick briefing for you all:

Strength through Shad bal consists of:

a)     Sthan Bal (contains Uchh bal, Sapt vargaj bal, Oja yugma bal, Dreshkana bal, Kendra bal etc)

b)     Dig bal

c)     Drik bal

d)     Chestha bal

e)     Naisargik bal

f)      Kaal bal (Contains Natonata Bal, Paksha bal, Varsh, Maas, Din, Hora bal, Ayan Bal, Yudhh Bal etc)

Apart from Shad bal you need to see many other Non-Shad bal factors like, determining:

a)     Strength of sign lord of a planet (sign lord has to be analyzed separately for strength with the help of 10’s of other concepts).

b)     Strength of Navamsa sign lord of a planet. (Navamsa sign lord has to be analyzed separately for strength with the help of 10’s of other concepts).

c)     Strength which comes from Vargottam (both Rashi and Bhava) concept.

d)     Strength which comes from Pushkar Navamsa and Bhaga concept.

e)     Strength which gets lost through Combustion.

f)      Strength which gets lost through bad Avastha.

g)     Strength which gets lost through Planetary War.

h)     Strength which comes from different house placements of the planet. (Like mth lord in nth house).

i)      Strength which comes from Argala concept.

j)      Strength which comes from Arudha concept

k)     Strength which gets lost through Marana Sthan concept etc

All these concepts are not part of Shad bal. All these concepts have to be applied w.r.t all the planets, only after that prediction should be made.

Hope this short article from your friend Nikhil would help you people to understand the importance of holistic analysis which I keep repeating on my discussion networks.

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