Read your Face-Eyes

Since centuries, the art of reading face is prevalent. It’s one of the oldest sciences of the human civilization. There were many practitioners of this science in India. Generally these great people were also well versed with other occult sciences like Astrology, Palmistry etc. With the passage of time this

Read your Face-Ears and Neck

Ears and neck


In my last article, I had given the result w.r.t eyes of the person, now here I will be mentioning some rare point about our ears.

1)    Big ears represent very good fortune and people with small ears are clever and hard working.

2)    People with squarish, symmetrical kind of

Read your Face-Lips

In my last 2 articles, I have covered Eyes, Neck and ears now coming to Lips:

After reading this write up, you would understand that with how much perfection and planning god has manufactured all of us. Keeping every single formation in focus.

To express love, feelings, forgiveness, attraction and want, the

Read your Face-Nose

In my last 3 articles, I have covered Eyes, Neck, ears, Lips and now coming to Nose as after this we have to move to basic structures of face and lines on forehead:

My basic objective is to share all that which I have by the grace of god.

In the span

Read your face-Forehead Lines

Forehead Lines

All of you must be waiting for this topic desperately, so here it is. The lines on the forehead covers 40-50% part of the face reading, hence without analyzing the lines on forehead, Face reading is totally incomplete.

So let’s begin with the concepts:

Moving from the place from where the

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