Year Method (house based) of Numerology-A Research

In my earlier researches, I had focused on the methods which would enable the numerologist to give his predictions on the basis of “question time” or by asking the native to choose any number from 1 to 720 and then giving his predictions (refer my numerology articles on my website

Another number method-Numerology Research

In my last research, I had described that how time could be used to predict the question as well as the answer of the person.

Now here I am giving another method (Basically extension of that method), on how to use numbers to solve any kind of queries.

Step 1

1)      Ask the

Numerology and Astrology- A Research

As you all know, God really want me to work harder and harder in the fields of Astrology, face reading, palmistry etc and it’s again his blessings that I am writing this article too, but at the same time, I also desire to make these areas or fields understandable to

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