D-60 Chart and Moola dasha

D-60 Chart and Moola Dasha

Moola dasha is the oldest and most accurate tool known to determine the timing of events from shastyamsa chart or D-60 Chart (for all matters).

Before moving ahead, let me tell you that D-60 is the most relevant chart in the whole Vedic Astrology as per Parashar

Karakamsa chart from D-60 chart

Relevance of Karakamsa chart from D-60


Again a very interesting and extremely accurate concept.

We all know that the Placement of Atmakaraka in the navamsa chart gives rise to the concept of Karakamsa chart.


Place where Atmakaraka sits in the navamsa chart become the Karakamsa lagan.

and this chart is as important as the

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