Good and Bad dreams

As per Jnana Pradeepika and Ashtanga Hriaya Classic texts:

There are 7 types of dreams given in our texts:

Dristha(which one may have seen in life)

Sruta(Things heard in life)

Anubhuta(things expereinced through smell, taste and touch)

prarthita(things desired in life)

Kalpita(fancied or imaginary things)

These five have no meaning

But next 2 have:

bhavija(beyond the scope of above 5)

doshaja(dreams caused by a surcharge of tridoshas(in nervous and sensory systems)-In other words the intensity of bad dreams will get reduced, if you are perfectly healthy.

Good Dreams are:

(For wealth and health)

  • Seeing dieties,
  • Brahmins(pious people),
  • cows,
  • oxen,
  • living relatives,
  • Kings,
  • good people,
  • burning fire,
  • tank with clear water,
  • good watery surfaces,
  • unmarried girls,
  • smiling handsome boys in white clothes,
  • rakshasas,
  • brilliant and booming with blood,
  • umbrella,
  • looking glass,
  • Poisonous medicines,
  • flesh,
  • white flowers,
  • white dress,
  • human excreta,
  • ointments,
  • fruits,
  • hillocks,
  • house tops,
  • storeyed houses,
  • trees having fruits,
  • men,
  • lions,
  • elephants,
  • horses,
  • other vehicles,
  • rivers,
  • fords,
  • oceans,
  • journey ro the north and east,
  • sexual connection with those women who could not be enticed,
  • death,
  • escape from danger,
  • satisfaction of pitris and heads of families,
  • weeping,
  • getting up from the fallen place,
  • Harming the enemies.

Bad Dreams are:

  • Birds building their nests on the dreamer’s head,
  • getting shaved,
  • encircled by crows or eagles,
  • surrounded by pretas, pisachas, women, beef-eaters,
  • getting lost in byepaths filled with creepers, grass bamboos and thorny plants, lying downin cremation grounds or deep pits,
  • happening to fall on dust and ashes,
  • slipping on watery surfaces, well, tanks and miry pots,
  • being dragged by force of water currents,
  • one sings, dances, plays on musical instruments,
  • decorates oneself with red flowers and res clothes,
  • gets old age,
  • becoming fat,
  • smears one’s body with oil,
  • gets married,
  • eating cooked food and dishes,
  • taking butter and ghee,
  • drinking liquor,
  • Vomitting,
  • getting iron and gold,
  • gets defeated in a fight or argument,
  • gets imprisoned,
  • meets with accidents,
  • loses sandals,
  • skin of the dried legs,
  • feels highly elated ,
  • laughs at angry seniors and family elders,
  • Lamps,
  • stars,
  • planets,
  • teeth,
  • idols of gods,one’s own eyes,
  • either fall down or are destroyed,
  • hills tumble down,
  • one enters in a forest filled with red flowers,
  • places of sinful acts,
  • gets into dark abyss,
  • leis down in a burbing ghat,
  • falls from the hill top or house top,
  • fishes alone,
  • sees persons with ochre robes,
  • naked people,
  • ascetics,
  • persons with blood-shot eyes,
  • dark coloured people.
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