In the never ending journey of Astrology, Nikhil experienced that numbers could also be extensively used to peep into the future of people. To leverage this fact appropriately, he combined the usage of numbers with core astrology in his researches which are now widely accepted by the numerologists worldwide.

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Nikhil through his researches has invented many numerological methods till date like:

1) Numerology and Astrology- A research

2) Another number method-A research

3) Year Method of Numerology-A research

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Presenting his first research over here.

Numerology and Astrology- A Research

As you all know, God really want me to work harder and harder in the fields of Astrology, face reading, palmistry etc and it’s again his blessings that I am writing this article too, but at the same time, I also desire to make these areas or fields understandable to the general public. In the past many years I have felt that people gets allergy from so many technical terms which are the part of Vedic astrology, Palmistry, Vaastu and Face reading etc. Obviously you can’t get away from those 100’s of concepts and terms but still the fact remained that people were not really getting accustomed to so many concepts at one go and this indeed pinches me somewhere at the corner of my heart.

So I thought, why not establish an easy accurate system through which these divine sciences can catch the eyes of general public across the world.

So friends, here is a unique method, which if practiced correctly with some divine intuition and wisdom, would make you all a perfect numerologist.

In fact I would say that you all will become exceptional numerologist, just after reading this article and not only that, you all would be able to help all your relatives and friends by using the following method and mind it, I am serious w.r.t each word of my sentence.

You all would not find this approach or method anywhere on the net (Apart from my blogs and websites) nor in any book as it’s a part of my research, hence have no references. The only reference would be your experience with this technique.

Are you all ready to do the crash course on numerology?

Ok, I can feel your acceptance.

So let me just get on with the work.

In this method we would just need the time to the accuracy of minutes (no need to go till seconds as I want to keep it very simple) on which any question is asked or put across to you.

Hence basically we are referring to HOURS: MINUTES


Hours would be 12:00am-12:00pm, when you will go beyond 12:00pm (Mid day), i.e. 13:00(or 01:00 PM etc, you will again start the counting)


12:00 am= 12 number

01:00 am= 1 number

02:00 am= 2 number

….11:00 am=11 number

Like this till 12:00 pm= 12 number


01:00 pm= 1 number

02:00pm= 2 number


Hence hours will always oscillate between 01 to 12 numbers.



Now as you know that minutes can vary from 00 to 59

So we basically have 2 places:

Like 59 would mean:

9 at units place

And 5 at tens place.

00 would mean:

Both unit and tens place are empty, hence will represent complete free will.



This is the most important part.

Try to focus completely as I am telling you, if you understood this method, it CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE and you know that I don’t joke w.r.t life altering things.

So we will always have 3 numbers in our hand.

For example if LOCAL time at which question is asked is:

11:03am or 11:03pm

3 numbers would be 11, 0 and 3

12:14am or 12:14pm

3 numbers would be 12, 1 and 4.

09:56 am or 09:56pm (21:56)

3 numbers would be 9, 5 and 6

I hope you all are getting, how exactly I am asking you to go?

ALSO REMEMBER, one very important thing,


You also need to decide the importance level of each of these 3 numbers.

So it’s very simple.

NUMBER AT HOURS place or 100’s place will have most DOMINANT effect in the prediction followed by number at 10’s place and finally number at unit’s place would have least importance.

So 11:03am or 11:03pm

3 numbers would be 11, 0 and 3

Importance Level would be 11>0>3

12:14am or 12:14pm

3 numbers would be 12, 1 and 4.

Importance Level would be 12>1>4

09:56 am or 09:56pm (21:56)

3 numbers would be 9, 5 and 6

Importance Level would be 9>5>6

Now you all must be wondering that, all this is fine but what do we do with these 3 numbers.

So guys, here is the answer.

Each number has its own significance and planets attached to it.


Hence, here comes something which you all need to remember, people who already know basics of astrology, it would be a cake walk for them, but for most of you out there, my advice would be just sharpen your memory.


Things which each number will govern:


0= very simple, FREE WILL, i.e. if the native is committed to give his best, the result should be taken as positive otherwise not.


Number 1(all matters related to first house in astrology)


Physical body, complexion, appearance, intelligence, strength, energy, fame, success, status in society (social level), nature and place of birth, caste, the Self , personality, temperament, ego, constitution, character, complexion, dignity, general welfare, happiness, splendor, health, vitality, longevity, victory over enemies, vigour. Etc, refer any book on astrology or Google for all this

Body Parts

Head, Forehead and overall appearance


Number 2(all matters related to 2nd house in astrology)


Wealth, speech, family, domestic happiness, food intake, jewels, precious gems and metals, movable property, ornaments, clothes, vision, voice, self-confidence, poetry, learning, education, memory, sources of income Etc, refer any book on astrology or Google for all this

Body Parts

Eyes (general), Right eye (specific), face and neck in general; mouth, tongue, cheeks, nose, thyroid, laughter, complexion etc.


Number 3(all matters related to third house in astrology)

Strength, valor, courage, interests, hobbies, one’s own initiative, sports, assistance, servants, neighbors, friends, colleagues, short-term desires, short trips, short personal contacts, communications, writing, correspondence, computer skills, stamina, fine arts of music, singers, Etc, refer any book on astrology or Google for all this

Body Parts

Upper limbs, Shoulders, Arms, elbows, Hands, wrists, Upper chest (nipples), Right ear


Number 4(all matters related to 4th house in astrology)

Mother, Mind, feelings, purity of heart, happiness & contentment, confidence & belief, close friends, all family members (close relatives), all well-wishers, home, lands, gardens, landed property, houses, agricultural products, vehicles, horses, elephants, moral virtues, belief in and devotion to God, character, good name and reputation. Etc, refer any book on astrology or Google for all this

Body Parts

Chest, Lungs and Heart


Number 5 (all matters related to fifth house in astrology)

Children, Romance, Intelligence, knowledge, education, knowledge of mantras, tantra and yantras, spiritual practices, judgment, discretion, advice, merits from past life, devotion to gods and Brahmins, deity of one’s choice, virtues, ruling powers, royalty, authority, fall from position, literary works, amusements, enjoyment, recreation, disciples, wealth, prosperity. Etc, refer any book on astrology or Google for all this

Body Parts

Liver, Gallbladder, spleen, navel and kidney


Number 6(all matters related to 6th house in astrology)

Maternal uncle, court cases, accidents, worries, anxieties, obstacles, enemies, challenges, competition, conflicts, litigation, borrowing, debts, diseases, suffering, service Etc, refer any book on astrology or Google for all this

Body parts

Navel area, intestines and digestive tract


Number 7(all matters related to 7th house in astrology)

Spouse, lover, marriage, Long term partnership, sexual affairs, medium-term desires, business partner, co-operation, trade, commerce, travel, journeys, law courts, the world at large. Etc, refer any book on astrology or Google for all this

Body parts

Area below navel (basti area), Colon, internal sexual organs

Number 8(all matters related to 8th house in astrology)

Death, all hidden aspects of life, mysteries, uncertainties, underground, Great Ideas, Intuition, Longevity, transformation, psychic abilities, transcendence, special powers, calamity, big changes, chronic ailments, dangers, agonies, major accidents, battles, wealth of spouse/partners, sudden gain or loss, inheritance, hidden treasures, sea journeys. Etc, refer any book on astrology or Google for all this

Body parts

External sexual Organs


Number 9(all matters related to 9th house in astrology)

Father, Dharma, general fortune, higher education, religion, faith, teachers, worship, visits to shrines, pilgrimages Etc, refer any book on astrology or Google for all this

Body parts

Thigh, hips


Number 10(all matters related to 10th house in astrology)

Kama(Action),occupation, profession, career, reputation, prestige, success and status in society, honor from government, promotion, rank, renown, fame, ambition, happiness, authority, royalty, ruling power, sense of importance, dignity, living in foreign lands, commerce, trade, clothing. Etc, refer any book on astrology or Google for all this

Body Parts

Knees and spine


Number 11(all matters related to 11th house in astrology)

Elder Brother/ sisters, Income, gains, desires, profits, fulfillment of wishes, opportunities, success in undertakings Etc, refer any book on astrology or Google for all this

Body Parts

Calves, ankles and left ear


Number 12(all matters related to 12th house in astrology)

Expenses, losses, spirituality, renunciation, enlightenment, lonely places, charity, journey to far off distant lands, confinement in prison, hospital, monastery, pleasures of the bed, secret enemies, fall, sin. Etc, refer any book on astrology or Google for all this.

Body parts

Feet and left eye


Planets corresponding to each number:



Sun= 1,9,10

Moon= 4

Mars= 3, 6

Jupiter=2, 5, 9, 10, 11

Saturn= 6, 8, 10, 12

Mercury= 4, 6, 10





1= Sun

2= Jupiter

3= Mars

4= Moon and mercury

5= Jupiter

6= Saturn, mars and mercury

7= Venus

8= Saturn

9= Sun and Jupiter

10= Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and mercury

11= Jupiter

12= Saturn.


So, now that you know all the basics, lets come to climax of this article.


Suppose somebody ask you a question, so just note down the exact time.


Suppose the time was 09:15am


Steps to be followed:

1)      Identify 3 number, i.e. 9, 1 and 5

2)      Define the order of dominance, i.e. 9(Hours or 100th place)>1(Minutes-tens place)>5(Minutes-Units place)


[For Astrologers: you may take Hours place equivalent to Mahadasha followed by antar dasha and parayantar dasha, and planets could be also be fixed as per number]


3)      See what all comes under 9, 1 and 5. (keeping the dominance factor in mind)

4)      Give the prediction keeping in mind planets involved corresponding to identified number.


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Another number method-Numerology Research

In my above research, I had described that how time could be used to predict the question as well as the answer of the person.

Now, I am giving another method (Basically extension of that method), on how to use numbers to solve any kind of queries.

Step 1

1)      Ask the person “who wants a solution to a certain problem” to choose any number out of 1-720.

2)      Covert number chosen by him into a time format.


Now how to do this:




12:00am or pm- 720 number.

12:01am or pm- 1 number

12:02am or pm- 2 number


12:59- 59 number


01:00am or pm-60 number

01:01am or pm-61 number

01:02am or pm-62 number

01:59am or pm-119 number


02:00am or pm-120 number

02:01am or pm-121 number

02:02am or pm-122 number

11:00am or pm-660 number

11:01am or pm-661 number

11:02am or pm-662 number


11:59am or pm-719 number



Again from:

12:00am or pm- 720 number


Now once you have the number, then you can also find out the corresponding time and as soon as you have the time. Just apply the method which I have given in my above given article.

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