Case study related to missing girl-Antonia

Practice chart for missing girl (Croatia, Europe) 


“The data of missing girl, possible suspect, time when she disappeared were in Croatian astrological (western) FB groups. Case is interesting since as case is developing, man who is main suspect for killing, was here and there (different neighboring states), in which they still

Concept of Jeeva and sarira

Ascertaining the timing of an event is generally considered as the most daunting task in the Vedic Astrology, In other words the interpretation of the dashas requires the simultaneous application of many concepts hence is always a vulnerable area for any beginner or for that matter astrologer himself.

There are various

Dig Bala

DIG BAL (Directional strength)

This bal basically forms the part of the calculation of shad bal, though all astrologers are very much aware of the terms like Dig bal or shadbala still I am not sure that how many of those astrologers will claim the same after going through this article.


Geometry and Astrology-Bhavath Bhavam(house to house)

Since the time I am doing astrology, I have not seen or met even a single astrologer who has handled this concept correctly. Though before moving ahead let me tell you that specifically “No text” mentions this concept, but as the time has evolved, this concept founded its relevant place

Purpose of Astrology

People generally ask …..What is use of astrology…..How can a common man take benefit from Astrology….. If every thing is predefined……?


Astrology or Jyotish is a Divine science of Light,here first of all we need to understand that why Jyotish is Divine.

The answer is simple

It is applicable to all the yonis(Humans

Betting and Astrology

I was reading somewhere that the money involved in an unethical and illegal business of Betting worldwide can give a complex to the whole GDP of a well established Nation.

It may appear shocking to some, but this is the truth and we cant deny it.

But what does Astrology has to

Exchange or Parivartan

Paraivartan Yoga (Exchange yoga)

As per the nadi Jyotish, paraivartan yog can be termed as the strongest form of relationship that can exist between two planets(stronger than mutual association, mutual aspect etc), In other words if two planets are involved in a paraivartan then results can be easily predicted by placing

Gems and Astrology

We all know that astrology is knowledge of Light and I have explained this concept in detail in my last article “Color science and Astrology”. this article is an extension of that very concept. In other words Gems like diamond, emerald, ruby etc are nothing but the tools which helps us

Hidden Fortune(D-81)

Again you would not have read anything about this chart and yes please don’t ask me to give you any sources w.r.t this article…as all these information about D-81 chart, which I am giving you right now or about D-108 chart (which I have given you earlier in an article named “how

Saturn Stories


To give punishment Saturn uses mercury as a tool to approach sun.

also It uses Moon as a tool to approach Mars.

So two weapons of saturn are SUN and MARS.

( And handle of these weapons are Mercury and moon)

In other words

Effect of saturn’s comes through SUN

Astrology and patches on face

The color of our skin is because of melanin that is produced by cells called-melanocytes. These melanocytes sometimes get destroyed (that is producing no melanin) or get hyper active and produce much more melanin than needed. This activity can be triggered by some phototoxic allergies, hormonal imbalance (like thyroid hormonal imbalances),

Atmakaraka dissection

Let me just give you all the basic guidelines on how to analyze the Atmakaraka planet in a very simple manner without much complications:

I will go step by step to make you understand that what all has to be seen w.r.t Atmakaraka & in what order and also how to

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