Betting and Astrology

I was reading somewhere that the money involved in an unethical and illegal business of Betting worldwide can give a complex to the whole GDP of a well established Nation.

It may appear shocking to some, but this is the truth and we cant deny it.

But what does Astrology has to

Exchange or Parivartan

Paraivartan Yoga (Exchange yoga)

As per the nadi Jyotish, paraivartan yog can be termed as the strongest form of relationship that can exist between two planets(stronger than mutual association, mutual aspect etc), In other words if two planets are involved in a paraivartan then results can be easily predicted by placing

Gems and Astrology

We all know that astrology is knowledge of Light and I have explained this concept in detail in my last article “Color science and Astrology”. this article is an extension of that very concept. In other words Gems like diamond, emerald, ruby etc are nothing but the tools which helps us

Hidden Fortune(D-81)

Again you would not have read anything about this chart and yes please don’t ask me to give you any sources w.r.t this article…as all these information about D-81 chart, which I am giving you right now or about D-108 chart (which I have given you earlier in an article named “how

Saturn Stories


To give punishment Saturn uses mercury as a tool to approach sun.

also It uses Moon as a tool to approach Mars.

So two weapons of saturn are SUN and MARS.

( And handle of these weapons are Mercury and moon)

In other words

Effect of saturn’s comes through SUN

Astrology and patches on face

The color of our skin is because of melanin that is produced by cells called-melanocytes. These melanocytes sometimes get destroyed (that is producing no melanin) or get hyper active and produce much more melanin than needed. This activity can be triggered by some phototoxic allergies, hormonal imbalance (like thyroid hormonal imbalances),

Atmakaraka dissection

Let me just give you all the basic guidelines on how to analyze the Atmakaraka planet in a very simple manner without much complications:

I will go step by step to make you understand that what all has to be seen w.r.t Atmakaraka & in what order and also how to

Know your conception time


Recently, I have completed my research on this extremely rare topic on several charts and decided to share the same on all the forums (more than 15) for the benefit of all.

You would not have even heard of these rules as it is the part

Arudh Concept

Reasons behind the Calculation techniques of ARUDH.

We all know that, How exactly Arudh of any bhava is calculated.

But do we know that why It is calculated like that????

What’s the reason behind such calculations????

This is what text has to say about the Calculation concepts of Arudh

“O Brahmin, I shall now tell

Pushkar Navamsa

Pushkar Bhaga/ Navamsa-Auspicious ones(Division which nurtures)

Remember, Both Bhaga and Navamsa are different, bhaga are exact degrees and navamsa is of 03 degree and 20 minutes.

As per Jataka Parijata- Adhyaya 1 Shloka 58 gives the following degrees:

21º Aries (Libra Navamsa)

19º Leo (Virgo Navamsa )

23º Sagittarius (Libra Navamsa )

Venus nakshatras and Agni

Black Magic and Astrology


Most of us have heard about this science, some of us have seen it happening in our family or in our relative’s family, all of us are afraid of it (Some are not). Since, IT EXISTS ALL OVER THE WORLD in the very midst of our society.

Unique relation between sun and moon

Degree gap between Sun and Moon

The Moon represents the mind and the emotions and therefore plays a big part in describing the person as a whole. The stronger the Moon, the better chance the native will have a happier life. If the Moon is bright, (ie. opposite the Sun although

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