Concept behind planetary lordship allotment for Nakshatras

Ashvini  (1) , Megha (10), Moola (19): Ruled by Ketu

Bharani (2), Purva Phalguni (11), Purva Ashadha (20): Ruled by Venus

Krittika (3), Uttara Phalguni (12), Uttara Ashadha (21): Ruled by Sun

Rohini (4), Hasta (13), Sravana (22): Ruled by Moon

Mrigashirsha (5), Chitra (14), Dhanishtha (23): Ruled by Mars

Ardra (6), Swati (15), Shatabhisha

Sun gives the “Best Results” in the 11th house

In this article we will try to understand that why Sun give its best results in the 11th house. Yes just like Saturn (which I have discussed in my other article), Sun also give excellent results in the 11th house.

Please Note, this planetary house placement has to be taken as

Karmas (Actions) or Destiny- which is more powerful ?

Many people argue that if everything is fixed as per Destiny or planets, then what’s the importance of doing good deeds or karmas or actions etc in our life.

So dear all please Remember:

Destiny is fixed since its defined on the basis of your past karmas (deeds or actions), NO remedies

Dharma and Astrology

Dharma and Astrology

Dear friend’s if you all really want to know and understand the cause behind all your problems, then please read this article carefully and completely. Believe me; 20 minutes reading of this article would give you such a deep understanding of life and that too systematically which you

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