Pushkar Navamsa

Pushkar Bhaga/ Navamsa-Auspicious ones(Division which nurtures)

Remember, Both Bhaga and Navamsa are different, bhaga are exact degrees and navamsa is of 03 degree and 20 minutes.

As per Jataka Parijata- Adhyaya 1 Shloka 58 gives the following degrees:

21º Aries (Libra Navamsa)

19º Leo (Virgo Navamsa )

23º Sagittarius (Libra Navamsa )

Venus nakshatras and Agni

Black Magic and Astrology


Most of us have heard about this science, some of us have seen it happening in our family or in our relative’s family, all of us are afraid of it (Some are not). Since, IT EXISTS ALL OVER THE WORLD in the very midst of our society.

Unique relation between sun and moon

Degree gap between Sun and Moon

The Moon represents the mind and the emotions and therefore plays a big part in describing the person as a whole. The stronger the Moon, the better chance the native will have a happier life. If the Moon is bright, (ie. opposite the Sun although

Read your Handwriting

6 years back when I was doing my engineering, I had started writing a book on Handwriting reading, but unfortunately due to many other commitments, I was not getting the appropriate time to give that work few last finishing touches. Hence I thought, till the time that work reaches its


How does MARAK (which can Kill) PLANET FUNCTION?


In my discussions with many senior astrologers, I have noticed that very very few people have complete clarity in their mind w.r.t Marak grah i.e. How to use it?

Is it that Marak grah will always behave Like Marak? If Yes why, If No


Kashinath Hora chart & Narayan Dasha

There are 11-12 different forms of Hora chart, each signifying a different aspect But when we talk about Hora chart in general, the first thing which comes to our mind is “WEALTH”, Kashi Nath Hora is the best form of Hora chart to peep into

End of the world

Is the FINAL END of WORLD Really APPROACHING or it’s a HYPE?


Well this is the hottest topic of modern times. So many predictions from the courtyard of every culture have indeed kept this question alive. Which question?

Whether the world will end or not?

In fact there is a genuine basis to

Right time for intercourse

Astrologically-Right Time for intercourse

This being an extremely sensitive issue, is rarely discussed in astrological conferences and communities therefore I want to take it up and discuss the concepts related to it in detail.

In the modern times, because of the “ignorance factor” astrological knowledge is continuously getting confined to its lowest

Third Eye and Astrology

Third Eye and Jyotish/MAHA BHAKTI YOGAS

We all believe that Lord Shiva has three eyes, It also is believed that at the time of destruction, Lord shiva opens up his third eye which actually becomes the source of energy that causes destruction of this world.

As per the basic concept

1st house represent

Neechabhanga Raj Yoga

ALL about NEECHBHANGRAJA YOGA (Cancellation of debilitation)

NBRY is a very common term amongst all the preachers of astrology but its actual significance is understood by only few.

That’s why I decided to write something related to this concept.

Ok, so first let’s understand that how powerful can this Neechbhang Raj yog be?


Color Science and Astrology

This is again a very interesting topic which somebody requested to me today itself. In fact after giving it a full read to this article, you will find definitely yourself nearer to God, science and of- course Astrology.

We all know that the basic and root name of astrology is “JYOTISH”,

How to see the next birth(D-108)


Only few know about this, this is indeed the rarest concept of Vedic astrology. No astrological text had ever disclosed this.
Yes we have all read that 5th house represents future birth, some say that 8th house has some clue, some say without 12th house ,this judgment cannot be

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