How to identify the Cause and nature of a death

Someone presented this case study to me today, so I thought to share my answer with all of you. So that everybody can understand the depth of this subject.


Chart under consideration:


Mr Lal Bahadur Shastri(Late Prime Minister of India) 

02nd Oct 1904



Uttar pradesh



To identify this particular aspect, 8th lord and the 8th

Why in India people Give water to Sun

When we give water to sun, from the height of our chest, then the sun rays directly falls on the water(present in the container or in our hand or water body) and then through the principle of refraction and reflection, 7 forms of light gets extracted from the normal sunlight

Some Important Vastu Tips

Some Tips which can help in increasing the positive energy of your house: 


1) Height of the ceiling of the home should be atleast 12 feets, i.e. at least twice the height of an adult, in ancient times height of ceiling used to go even upto 64 feets. This was done

Case study related to missing girl-Antonia

Practice chart for missing girl (Croatia, Europe) 


“The data of missing girl, possible suspect, time when she disappeared were in Croatian astrological (western) FB groups. Case is interesting since as case is developing, man who is main suspect for killing, was here and there (different neighboring states), in which they still

Concept of Jeeva and sarira

Ascertaining the timing of an event is generally considered as the most daunting task in the Vedic Astrology, In other words the interpretation of the dashas requires the simultaneous application of many concepts hence is always a vulnerable area for any beginner or for that matter astrologer himself.

There are various

Year Method (house based) of Numerology-A Research

In my earlier researches, I had focused on the methods which would enable the numerologist to give his predictions on the basis of “question time” or by asking the native to choose any number from 1 to 720 and then giving his predictions (refer my numerology articles on my website

Dig Bala

DIG BAL (Directional strength)

This bal basically forms the part of the calculation of shad bal, though all astrologers are very much aware of the terms like Dig bal or shadbala still I am not sure that how many of those astrologers will claim the same after going through this article.


Vastu Basics-(Source) Atharva Veda

I-Direction Lords:


North- Kubera- lord of wealth
South- Yama- lord of death
East- Indra- King of Devtas
West- Varuna- lord of water
Northeast {Eshanya} – Lord Shiva (Eshanya Kond or corner)
Southeast- Agni- fire deity-( agni kond or corner)
Northwest- Vayu- god of winds (Vayu Kond or corner)
Southwest- Pitru/Nairutya or Niruthi- ancestors/forefathers(Nairutya Kond)
Center- Brahma- creator of the universe


II-Soil Testing as given in the texts:

Soil Particle

Geometry and Astrology-Bhavath Bhavam(house to house)

Since the time I am doing astrology, I have not seen or met even a single astrologer who has handled this concept correctly. Though before moving ahead let me tell you that specifically “No text” mentions this concept, but as the time has evolved, this concept founded its relevant place

Good and Bad dreams

As per Jnana Pradeepika and Ashtanga Hriaya Classic texts:

There are 7 types of dreams given in our texts:

Dristha(which one may have seen in life)

Sruta(Things heard in life)

Anubhuta(things expereinced through smell, taste and touch)

prarthita(things desired in life)

Kalpita(fancied or imaginary things)

These five have no meaning

But next 2 have:

bhavija(beyond the scope of above

Another number method-Numerology Research

In my last research, I had described that how time could be used to predict the question as well as the answer of the person.

Now here I am giving another method (Basically extension of that method), on how to use numbers to solve any kind of queries.

Step 1

1)      Ask the

Numerology and Astrology- A Research

As you all know, God really want me to work harder and harder in the fields of Astrology, face reading, palmistry etc and it’s again his blessings that I am writing this article too, but at the same time, I also desire to make these areas or fields understandable to

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