Important Tips-Palmistry & Astrology

Palmistry and Astrology-Extremely Important Tips

1) First thing which is to be noticed on hand is its general formation, which includes shape of fingers, thumb, palm and overall hand.

I will not make things complex for you all by writing the kind of hands, types of fingers, different types of thumb which

Signs and Marks on Hand

This topic was long awaited, anyways got some 1 hour free, so thought of just fulfilling this obligation as many people have personally requested me to post this vital information.
I have seen that many palmists worldwide just fail to notice anything beyond triangle or square or trident or cross. The

Simian Line

These kinds of people most generally have some visible factors attached to them:

First of let me make a very straight statement applicable to them:

They are like stretched strings of guitar which can ether make noise or music.

1) fails to have a broader mind, in the sense; they are least sensitive

Palmistry-cycle of life and death

See every part of our body to every cell in our constitution is a complete universe in itself and all of them always invite us to look at them and understand the creation, magic and story of God.

Right now I am taking the example of our palm.

See your palm carefully

Health and Palmistry

Health Guidelines-Palmistry

People are asking me to write more about this science of hand; hence I have again decided to shed some more light in this branch of divinity.

I could have started with the types of hand, types of fingers and thumb etc, but I know that after going through so

Relationships and Palmistry

Many palmists while predicting still do not take every factor into account.

For instance, if you want to predict anything with respect to relationships, then not only Vivah or marriage rekha or jaya sthan(mount of mercury) is important but you also need consider these factors simultaneously.

1) Jupiter’s or pithru mount- To

Mark of a Fish

It a very auspicious and rare mark which can give ultimate wisdom, knowledge and evergrowing fame, these kind of people can remain unaffected by the worldly pursuits just like the fish remain unaffected by the water but only one out 100000000 people have this sign, its so rare. People generally

How to identify the hands of a serial killer

1) All the lines would be of a dark color(towards black), lines would also be very deep and broad.

2) Dhan rekha(or mind line) would shoot upwards towards the bandha rekha(heart line), some branches from this dhan rekha(Mind line) could go deep into the region of moon mount.

3) Cross, many horizontal

Fingers interpretations

In the past few years, I have observed the analysis style of many palmists but unfortunately, as usual the people prefer to be more theoretical rather than practical and that is because the implementation process of those theoretical concepts goes without actually understanding them.

Let me take the example of fingers,

Important Points about GOOD Venus Mount

Life line or Atman rekha should surrounds or encircle this mount appropriately, now what do I exactly mean by this or in which case it will happen:
Place your thumb absolutely close(attached) to your palm, now Atma rekha should start from the place where the starting bracelet of the last phalange

How to use Transits

There are 3 basic concepts when we make use of transits.

1) The Gochara or transit aspect

2) Vedha (obstruction)

3) Vipreet Vedha (reverse vedha)

I would be explaining you all these three concepts one by one…though all the three concepts should be used simultaneously otherwise none of them would give accurate results.

Gochara basically

How to establish, Strength of a Planet

Even for the well experienced Astrologer, sometimes it becomes difficult to identify a really powerful chart.

Most of the astrologers knowingly or unknowingly, do give more importance to Sthan bal as compared to other bal and even if they give equal importance to all kinds of bal, they usually fail to

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