Rahu and Ketu(Lunar Nodes)


Rahu and Ketu-Lets talk about them;


1) They amplIfy the power of their depositor.

in their dasha antardasha.

(Lord of rashi in which they are sitting)

2)  They amplIfy the power of planets sitting with them or aspecting them.

so they are nothing but amplIfiers.

Some nadi rules related to them

If a planet is placed along with

How to analyze married life

I think, analysis of married life, attracts almost whole of the world. There is hardly any person on this planet who does not want to know about this knowledge.

Reason is very simple, people are most concerned about this area of life, and this concern is genuine too, as its only

Extreme SuperMoon

Extreme Super moon

The phenomenon like extreme super-moon is never the single factor which causes a catastrophe. If an astrologer purely blames ONLY the condition of the moon behind any catastrophe then they are only giving the so called scientists a golden opportunity to curse the divine science like Astrology. These

Mundane Concepts


Earthquake Related Mundane Astrology-Basics

Take the example of the Japan Catastrophe:

The reason behind this event is not just the position of moon but there are many many astrological factors behind this event which I am afraid to say that modern astrologers are unaware off or they do not want to

D-60 Chart and Moola dasha

D-60 Chart and Moola Dasha

Moola dasha is the oldest and most accurate tool known to determine the timing of events from shastyamsa chart or D-60 Chart (for all matters).

Before moving ahead, let me tell you that D-60 is the most relevant chart in the whole Vedic Astrology as per Parashar

Karakamsa chart from D-60 chart

Relevance of Karakamsa chart from D-60


Again a very interesting and extremely accurate concept.

We all know that the Placement of Atmakaraka in the navamsa chart gives rise to the concept of Karakamsa chart.


Place where Atmakaraka sits in the navamsa chart become the Karakamsa lagan.

and this chart is as important as the

Observations on Divisional charts

Observations on Divisional charts

Starting with Dasamsa chart (D-10), as I have already written about Navamsa chart in a separate thread.

D-10(dasamsa)- I am here sharing with you very rare information, so just try to understand this.

General happiness from career should be seen from dasamsa lagan.(strength of 10th lord should also be

NAVAMSA and its hidden concepts

NAVAMSA and its Hidden Concepts

Almost all of the Indian Vedic astrologers and many of the western astrologers too consider this chart as one of the most important charts after Lagan chart and Shastyamsa (D-60) chart.

Reason is simple, there are many aspects of native’s life which can be seen and understood

Karakamsa and swamsa chart


Karakamsa chart have been exclusively discussed in our texts.

In other words an extremely important chart.

Though lots of information has already been given about Karakamsa chart in our texts but still, there is lot more issues to be discussed with respect to this very chart.

As per many ancient

Nadi Astrology and Married Life

Married life and Nadi Jyotish

Combinations w.r.t Married life as per nadi Jyotish

Mars is the karak for husband in females chart and Venus is the karak for wife in males chart.

The following combination should be first seen in rashi chart and then in D-9 chart.

1) When Venus, Mars and ketu are

Nadi Astrology and Diseases

Nadi Astrology and Diseases


If Chandra (Moon) gets close to Budha (Mercury) (degree wise or in trine to each other or through powerful aspect or exchange), the person will be suffering throat infection quite often and this combination also result in skin related issues.
If Rahu or Ketu gets close to either




Raj Yogas

1) Even a 100 adverse Yogas will become ineffective if Venus is placed in 11th house while Jupiter is in the 2nd house. In addition, the native will become wealthy, famous by serving a king and in the 3rd dasha

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