Dreams indicating Death

Caution: This text is not for children, if your age is less than 16 years then plz dont read this text or read it with your parents.

As per our ancient texts(Jnana Pradeepika) the following dreams may indicate death:

1) A woman black in color.

2) Seeing a white colored tongue or very

Hidden Loss (D-144 chart)

Hidden Loss (D-144 chart) [Dwadasamsa Dwadasamsa]


Since past few months, I was not able to find time to share my researches on account of huge clients pressure, management of website, blog, page, 10’s of forums on facebook along with various other commitments etc, but finally by god’s grace your friend Nikhil

Features of GREAT emperor Birth chart or horoscope

Features of GREAT emperor’s Birth chart or horoscope

Note: Since, this article is part of my research; hence you will not find many concepts or facts listed in this article anywhere else.

First an announcement:

All those people who will read this article VERY CAREFULLY will automatically LEARN HALF of Vedic Astrology and

CUSP or KP CHART(Placidus System)

Cusp Chart or Krishnamurthy Chart

In the past 1 month, more than 100 people have personally requested me to write an article on this topic, hence I am compelled to sideline all my other appointments, commitments and simply respect the need of people. So here is the article.

I am sure that

Few Raj Yogas cannot make you a KING

If your friend Nikhil takes a glass of water and add 10 cubes of salt in it along with 10 cubes of sugar, 1 tea spoon lemon, 1 cube of black salt and 5 tea spoon soda. Then while drinking can your friend Nikhil tell, that how much sugar, salt,

Concept of Retrograde

Concept of Retrograde or vakra gati

Yes, indeed this is the most misinterpreted concept of Vedic astrology

In this post, I will try to take you all, to the depth of this concept, so that everyone can catch a fish.

FIRST Few NADI concepts about retro planet (VERY IMPORTANT)

1) A retrograde planet will always

Profession and Astrology

Undoubtedly each and every person on this planet would be having curiosity to know about his or her profession in advance, questions like which all fields suits me professionally, in which area should I establish my business, what would I do after my school or graduation, will I be able

Astrology -sins of current & past lives

It’s my most humble REQUEST to all those people worldwide who are reading this first line, “that please read this write up till the very end, as I will simply catapult your whole thinking by 360 degree towards this life”. For all those non believers of astrology who always search

How to identify the Cause and nature of a death

Someone presented this case study to me today, so I thought to share my answer with all of you. So that everybody can understand the depth of this subject.


Chart under consideration:


Mr Lal Bahadur Shastri(Late Prime Minister of India) 

02nd Oct 1904



Uttar pradesh



To identify this particular aspect, 8th lord and the 8th

Why in India people Give water to Sun

When we give water to sun, from the height of our chest, then the sun rays directly falls on the water(present in the container or in our hand or water body) and then through the principle of refraction and reflection, 7 forms of light gets extracted from the normal sunlight

Some Important Vastu Tips

Some Tips which can help in increasing the positive energy of your house: 


1) Height of the ceiling of the home should be atleast 12 feets, i.e. at least twice the height of an adult, in ancient times height of ceiling used to go even upto 64 feets. This was done

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