Some Important Vastu Tips

Some Tips which can help in increasing the positive energy of your house: 


1) Height of the ceiling of the home should be atleast 12 feets, i.e. at least twice the height of an adult, in ancient times height of ceiling used to go even upto 64 feets. This was done

Vastu Basics-(Source) Atharva Veda

I-Direction Lords:


North- Kubera- lord of wealth
South- Yama- lord of death
East- Indra- King of Devtas
West- Varuna- lord of water
Northeast {Eshanya} – Lord Shiva (Eshanya Kond or corner)
Southeast- Agni- fire deity-( agni kond or corner)
Northwest- Vayu- god of winds (Vayu Kond or corner)
Southwest- Pitru/Nairutya or Niruthi- ancestors/forefathers(Nairutya Kond)
Center- Brahma- creator of the universe


II-Soil Testing as given in the texts:

Soil Particle

Directions and Vastu

The motive of this write up is to give you all a very wide and unobstructed imagination w.r.t directions which forms the most essential component of Vastu and I will be presenting that imagination in such a manner that those people all over the world who do not even know

Vaastu and Astrology

We all know that when lord of first house goes into 8th or in 6th house, it’s bad. Similarly when lord of 4th house placed in 12th or 8th or 6th, it is not considered good, But have you ever thought that what’s the reason behind these conclusions (based on

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