Sun gives the “Best Results” in the 11th house

In this article we will try to understand that why Sun give its best results in the 11th house. Yes just like Saturn (which I have discussed in my other article), Sun also give excellent results in the 11th house.

Please Note, this planetary house placement has to be taken as

Third Eye and Astrology

Third Eye and Jyotish/MAHA BHAKTI YOGAS

We all believe that Lord Shiva has three eyes, It also is believed that at the time of destruction, Lord shiva opens up his third eye which actually becomes the source of energy that causes destruction of this world.

As per the basic concept

1st house represent

How to use Transits

There are 3 basic concepts when we make use of transits.

1) The Gochara or transit aspect

2) Vedha (obstruction)

3) Vipreet Vedha (reverse vedha)

I would be explaining you all these three concepts one by one…though all the three concepts should be used simultaneously otherwise none of them would give accurate results.

Gochara basically

How to establish, Strength of a Planet

Even for the well experienced Astrologer, sometimes it becomes difficult to identify a really powerful chart.

Most of the astrologers knowingly or unknowingly, do give more importance to Sthan bal as compared to other bal and even if they give equal importance to all kinds of bal, they usually fail to

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