Third Eye and Astrology

Third Eye and Jyotish/MAHA BHAKTI YOGAS

We all believe that Lord Shiva has three eyes, It also is believed that at the time of destruction, Lord shiva opens up his third eye which actually becomes the source of energy that causes destruction of this world.

As per the basic concept

1st house represent

How to use Transits

There are 3 basic concepts when we make use of transits.

1) The Gochara or transit aspect

2) Vedha (obstruction)

3) Vipreet Vedha (reverse vedha)

I would be explaining you all these three concepts one by one…though all the three concepts should be used simultaneously otherwise none of them would give accurate results.

Gochara basically

How to establish, Strength of a Planet

Even for the well experienced Astrologer, sometimes it becomes difficult to identify a really powerful chart.

Most of the astrologers knowingly or unknowingly, do give more importance to Sthan bal as compared to other bal and even if they give equal importance to all kinds of bal, they usually fail to

Some very Rare concepts of Astrology

So let’s start

IF the native have a strong influence of Saturn in 2nd and 8th house, money loss will be there till 36th yr, his health would suffer at the age of 19.
Placement of Mars in 5th and sat in 11th makes the native learn many languages.
If placement of Sun is in 12th

Very Important tips for reading charts

Many a times, I have seen astrologers applying few concepts in a wrong way or not using “at all” few basic methods etc.

Here, I would like to list all those very important things related to falit Jyotish. (Predictive Astrology)

At times it happens that people visit an astrologer to just test

Brushing up-Basic Concepts of Astrology

Generally beginners and sometimes even established Astrologers tend to miss out on few basic facts and concepts which are actually the base of any prediction. As a result, predictions go wrong.

Here I will be stressing on those very basic points, which are so subtle that they acquire an inherent tendency

Darakarak,Darapad,AL7 and UL

There is lot of confusions over these aspects in the minds of astrologers and beginners.

So I thought lets have a discussion on these parameters.

I will try my level best to explain these with whatever limited knowledge I have.

Generally all these concepts are part of Jaimini Astrology and when these concepts

WHY saturn is exalted in Libra?

WHY SATURN IS EXALTED IN LIBRA, various reasons, but let’s understands basics first

About Tula rashi

Tula Rashi-Vayutatva sign-Venus lord (Jaltatva, Jalgrah)-Padjal(25% water content)- Chara rashi(movable)-The Balance-Air with 25% moisture content-Rules Winds above high population density areas, male sign, southern sign, semi fruitful, human representation, has the age of 33 and a

Pak lagana

Pak lagan (the House where lord of Ascendant sits)

Let me take up few basic concepts before going on with the main topic.

We know that sun is the karak of lagan.

Lagan lord is a representative of sun and hence act like sun.

(That is a reason when 1st lord sits in 7th

Why the charts of kids should not be seen

Today someone asked me this question, so I thought; why not write an article on it.

See there are many reasons:

1) The 1st and 2nd dasha of any chart gets moderated by the 3rd and 4th dashas of the parents; this is an established fact as per the nadi texts. Hence

Good Placement of Planets- Ascendant Wise.

We all very well know that 1 concept in isolation never really work in Vedic astrology. It’s the holistic picture which holds the key for accurate analysis. Still to learn Vedic Astrology, you need to go step wise only. Indeed that’s why on demand of my students, clients and

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